Campaign to save Grange Lido is getting sweeter

A Grange bakery has sweetened the campaign to save the historic pool on Grange Promenade by producing delicious Li-Do-nuts!

The sweet treats have been selling like hot cakes and are a good indication of the support in the town to save the pool from locals and Grange businesses who see the benefits the attraction could bring to the local economy.

Joanne Errington, shop manager at Grange Bakery said,

”The donuts have been flying off the shelves. Every batch we have made has been sold out in no time. It really is getting people talking about the Lido and sharing their memories of splashing around in the pool. Our customers are really keen on reviving the Lido and getting involved in the campaign. I, personally, spent many happy summers in that pool and I think it would be really good for everyone in the town to see it open and thriving again.”

Chris Barron, local business owner and member of Save Grange Lido said

“As soon as I saw the photo of the donuts on Facebook I popped down to the bakery but they were sold out. They have been sold out at least three times this week”.

“Restoring the Lido would be excellent for the local shops and businesses bringing visitors to the town. The Lido is an icon of Grange and the only surviving seaside Lido in the North of England so potentially a huge attraction.”

“Its such an important part of our history and could once again be central to tourism in the South Lakes. We are sure any investment in the Lido would pay dividends to the local shops, hotels, restaurants and other business.”

Recently, Save Grange Lido, a local campaign group, set up a petition, which attracted over 7000 signatures in just 7 days. The group are currently putting the finishing touches to a business plan to present to South Lakeland District Council with the aim of restoring the derelict open-air pool on Grange Promenade.

The 1930s art deco gem, the last of its kind in Northern England, closed its doors in 1993 and has been slowly rotting away ever since, despite numerous revival schemes over the years.

Owners SLDC are planning on spending nearly 2 million pounds on the grade II listed structure, however their proposals involve repairing the buildings but filling in the pool with concrete.

Save Grange Lido, a diverse group of experienced and passionate locals, aim to change SLDC’s thinking by presenting an ambitious but robust business plan to return the site to its former glory.

Phil Bradby, Chair of Save Grange Lido, said

“Lidos are very popular again and are helping bring investment, jobs and business to the towns fortunate enough to have them.

“We have researched and visited a large number of other lidos across the country and have seen just how successful Grange Lido could be.

“Other lidos show that Grange Lido could obtain the funding necessary to be restored and operate very successfully in the future.

“Times have changed a lot since the pool closed in 1993 and lidos are now booming again.

“SLDC are fortunate to have such a rare Lido and should look again at fantastic potential to create a unique tourist attraction.

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