Frequently asked questions

 Will the pool be a burden on taxpayers?

No. SLDC are planning to spend up to two million pounds restoring the buildings and Save Grange Lido plans to fund raise the money needed for the restoration of the swimming pool basin, plant and equipment. Our financial projections are designed to ensure that the reopened lido is self-financing with no burden on the taxpayer.

Will the pool lose money?

Save Grange Lido’s business plan is based on many successful Lidos around the UK. The pool itself will only be a small source of income. The vast majority will come from the supplementary businesses on site including the restaurant and spa.

What is the parking situation?

The Lido has a car park just across the railway. It is part of SGL’s business plan to retain this car park and any income generated will go towards maintaining the pool.

Will the pool only be open in the summer?

The businesses in the Lido complex, such as the restaurant and spa, will be open all year round. We also intend to have an extended pool season as cold-water swimming is a popular hobby.

Will the water be heated?

Part of the pool will be heated in a sustainable way meaning the Lido can be open in the winter months. It is SGL’s long-term aim that the whole pool will eventually be heated.

Will the Lido increase traffic through Grange?

SGL’s marketing will encourage visitors to travel to the Lido by train on the beautiful Furness Line and enjoy the stunning walk along the promenade to reach the Lido. The pool itself has a limited capacity of swimmers it can host at any one time therefore, even on busy summer days, we don’t expect huge traffic spikes.

Will holiday lets be built at the site?

No. The buildings will be used for a restaurant and spa.